A surprise…

Like I said in my previous post; tickets are a lot. Disney World for example, for all of us to go it would be $440.10  So Disney World was definitely off our list, and since we went to Sea World none of us expected to go.

Now onto why we got to go. =D

While in Orlando, we all wanted to go swimming, but it was late, so mom said we can swim for 25 to 30 minutes. We all got our bathing suits, piled in the van and drove to the pool. The water was really cold (we didn’t know it would be), it was so cold I could barely get in it! So us kids all got out and sat around the hot tub (you had to be 18 or older to get in) and mom was talking to a guy and he said “Did you go to Disney World?” mom answered no and he replied “Would you like to go?” And we ended up going to Magic Kingdom and Epcot for totally free!

Disney World was even better then Sea World. We went on a lot of those little rides that take you through a story like Snow White, Peter Pan and Winnie the Pooh. They had a couple of “roller coasters”. They weren’t really roller coasters, they were family rides so they couldn’t be that scary. It was a lot of walking, a lot of thinking of what ride to do next…etc But totally worth it and each ride is worth the wait.

My favorite parts were Mickey’s Phillar Magic (Magic Kingdom) and Test Track (Epcot). Mickey’s Phillar Magic is a 3-D show that makes you feel like you are really there. For example, the magic brooms came in to clean up and were dumping buckets of water and you could feel the water splashing on you! Also, when something happened like flounder swam onto the screen, he literally look inches in front of your face. 🙂

Test Track was a ride where you get in a “car” and you do tests that are used in real life. Like a hill climb, bumpy roads, brakes (cool part), crash..etc All in all it was the coolest ride I’ve ever been on. Also, my two little brothers went on (Lance 7 and Landon 6) in the front seat and liked it too.

Bottom line, Disney World is fantastic, and I could go there again and again and again!



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Sorry I didn’t post the last events, we travled on friday, my dad used the computer all morning on saturday, and my little brothers and my parents used it this morning. I will try next weekend!


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Gold Membership…. :(

Well, the time has come. Their gold membership and all its goodies have a price tag. Don’t get me wrong, you can still play at dizzywood, but here is what you won’t have (copy and pasted from https://secure.dizzywood.com/subscribe/begin):

  • Multi-Room HousesWant to host the best parties in Dizzywood? Upgrade your home! Gold Explorers can create houses with several different rooms, including special rooms like a dance hall, clothing closet, and more!
  • Exclusive PowersBy becoming a Gold Explorer, you can make sure you’ll always have the coolest items to show your friends. Each month, Gold Explorers receive rare, special items that no one else can get. These exclusive items can include stylish clothing, tricked-out gear, and even secret magical items.
  • Special PowersIn the magical world of Dizzywood, you’ll need special powers to unlock secret areas and defeat the evil Emperor Withering. Discover the powers that are ONLY available to Gold Explorers.
  • Secret Missions
  • `Only Gold Explorers are qualified enough to undertake the most secret and dangerous missions in Dizzywood. Get access to these special missions – and their rewards – by signing up for a membership today!

And here is how much each membership cost (also copied):

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Today’s Mission: Swipe the Sprite Traps

The first trap is in Garden Gazebo:


The second trap is in Tanglevine Jungle:


The third trap is in Wild Wood Glen:


Agent Bear will thank you, then click “Ok” and you will get 300 coins.


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Today’s Mission: Stolen Tree House Guide

The treehouse guide is in Sky Town (sorry there is no pictures, I accidently clicked it before taking a pic), click on it and he will tell you this.


You get two hundred coins.


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Today’s Mission: Bee Sprite Spying

Select the mission from the Mission tab, then go to Explorer’s Camp like it says. He is kind of hard to spot at first, but he is behind the clothes line right next to a tent.


Click on him and he will give you some “top secret” info on Spy Bear:


Click “Ok” and you get 100 points.


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Okay, here are the answer to your questions.

Why  did I switch blog sites? A: For personal family reasons.

Why aren’t I posting? A: Like I said me and my family are traveling the US, and I don’t get on the computer as much, but I do enjoy this blog and I still would like to continue it, for those of you who don’t like it, you are more then welcome to stop coming here.

Also, there ARE betters blogs aren’t there then my, and I know that and have no problem with it.


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